Message from Pastors

Pr Kenneth Kang
The Lord recently spoke that 'many are going to make key decisions and crucial decisions in life, ministry, career, or business in the weeks to come'. We all need the Holy Spirit to know and discern 'what is of God and what is not', or 'what is God's will and what is not', and even discerning if it is 'a lie or not'.

Set free from generation curse!
Pr Kenneth Kang
Know that you have already been set free from every curse, and from every form of generation curse! This is your time to walk in the freedom that Christ has set you free! And this is your time to walk right into the very best that the Lord has prepared for you!

Say to the righteous that it shall be well with them!
Pr Kenneth Kang
"In the midst of judgment, tribulation and perilous days in the world today, do not allow yourselves to be disheartened or discouraged, and do not allow yourselves to be upset. I am the Lord your God and I will still be. And I say to the righteous that it shall be well with them. Look to Me, and look to My Word! Hang on to Me, and hang on to My Word! You will rise above every obstacle, and you shall see Me in all My glory!"

A time of the visitation of the Lord and a time to welcome Him!
Pr Kenneth Kang
"This is a month of the visitation of the Lord! This is a time to welcome Him into every area of your life, even in every troubled area of your life, be it in your family, your health, your finance, or your vocation! And prepare Him a 'room'! Like the Shunammite woman welcoming Elisha those days!"

Angels are at work for you!
Pr Kenneth Kang
The truth is angels exist, and they are very much at work for you at the moment! Keep worshiping the Lord and keep declaring the Word of God over your life (and in every situation of yours), and they will do their part to clear the way for you!

Guard your heart with all diligence!
Pr Kenneth Kang
"Guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it flow the issues of life! The enemy has been trying to sow seeds of discouragement, disorientation, and condemnation to many of My people recently. But fear not! Look to Me and I will help you! My Spirit is with you! Choose to keep your heart right before Me no matter what. Hear Me and follow Me, and I will bring you through!"

Prophetic outlook for the year 2016 - The year of the Word and a year of many new opportunities for God's people
Pr Kenneth Kang
"It is a year that I will catapult many of My people into newer, greater heights. It is a year of setting free from your past disappointments. For those who have gone through trials and testing in the past year, watch Me open many new opportunities for you this year! For you will be like Daniel, and you will be like his three friends."

Emerge with humility
Pr Sharon Kang
"Yes, many will start to emerge. But they shall emerge with humility before Me. They shall emerge in My terms."

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