Message from Pastors

Pr Kenneth Kang
"I am setting free those who are being oppressed, and I am setting free those who are victims of injustice! You will begin to see justice being done in very real ways, and you will begin to see how I turn things around for those who are weak, bullied, and downcast."

He is visiting you and turning your situation around!
Pr Kenneth Kang
"I am the Lord of mercy and compassion. I am the same yesterday, today, and forever. Look to Me, and let Me show you My mercy and My compassion. The time of My visitation is at hand! Open your gates to Me, and open your doors to Me! Sorrow not and weep not! For I am visiting you and I am turning your situation around!"

Your perseverance and patience will eventually pay off 
Pr Kenneth Kang
"This is what I am telling My people in this time and season: Your perseverance and patience will eventually pay off! This is a time to hang on strong to Me, for I will deliver you and win the battle for you, if you do not lose heart! And I say to you, 'My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in your weakness'".

A new chapter!
Pr Kenneth Kang
"Many of My people are entering into a new chapter in their lives. There'll be empowering, enabling, and anointing from on high. Receive by faith! This is a time to declare and proclaim that your new chapter is greater than your old chapter!"

God is with you
Pr Sharon Kang
In a dream, I saw small blue-ish shiny round stones floating in the air towards me. I only needed to stretch out my hands to collect them. The Lord then said, "My people need to be reminded of My covenant with them. I have given My words and My power to heal. They just need to receive them and allow Me to work in their lives."