Message from Pastors

Pr Kenneth Kang
How do you know you are in time, out of time, or behind time? How do you know if you are walking in the perfect timing of the Lord? How do you know the time and season in your life (and in every aspect of your life)? And how not to miss your time?

The keys to prospering in a time of famine
Pr Kenneth Kang
"Look to Me, and keep looking to Me! Dwell in Me and My land. For My land is My Word. My land is where you receive your feeding. My land is where you have your spiritual food. And I will begin to show you the keys to your blessings in a time of famine."

Pr Kenneth Kang
Just as the Lord had spoken to all of Israel and to Joshua those days, know that He is NOW right here, speaking the same to you. And because He is present, know also that His hand is present, strong enough to ward off every work of darkness that the enemy may have thrown against you.

Begin the year with a right heart
Pr Kenneth Kang
"For I am calling you to return to the very simplicity of your heart, the very basics of your heart. A heart that is pure, and a heart that is sincere before Me. A heart of worship, not a heart that keeps eyeing fame and gain. For I cannot be deceived, and I cannot be mocked. Keep your heart right before Me, and watch how I am going to anoint you like you have never seen Me do it before!"

Prophetic outlook for the year 2016 - The year of the Word and a year of many new opportunities for God's people
Pr Kenneth Kang
"It is a year that I will catapult many of My people into newer, greater heights. It is a year of setting free from your past disappointments. For those who have gone through trials and testing in the past year, watch Me open many new opportunities for you this year! For you will be like Daniel, and you will be like his three friends."

Receive boldness from the Lord
Pr Sharon Kang
Those who know the way of the Lord will do great exploits! If you have heard Him speaking to you about your future or direction in life, do not fear! Just listen and obey what the Lord has spoken to you. Receive the boldness from Him and be ready to tread on uncharted waters!

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