Message from Pastors

A time to receive forgiveness and a time to release forgiveness
Pr Kenneth Kang
To 'bottle up' hurts, faults, anger or resentment (against anyone who may have hurt or offended you) is like keeping that person (or persons) in the 'prison' of your heart. It is burdensome. It is taxing. It is cumbersome. It kills off joy in life! In fact, some of these 'prisoners' might not even know they have hurt or offended you in any way, but you've been keeping them in your 'prison' all these years!

This is a key time to praise!
Pr Kenneth Kang
I heard and released these words to the congregation:
"This is a key time to praise! Praise, My people, praise! Do not give up praising! Keep praising in spite of your problems! Keep praising even in the midst of your troubles! Keep praising, and you will begin to see your breakthroughs!"

Pr Kenneth Kang
I heard these words from the Lord recently: 
“Many of My people shall break new ground! Many of My people shall walk in a fresh new anointing! This is a season for new things! This is a time to declare it open! This is a time to speak the language of the Word, not the language of the world!” 

A heart that is right before the Lord
Pr Kenneth Kang
I heard and released these words from the Lord last Sunday:
"This is a time to make right your heart, for I am looking into the heart and every intention of the heart. Allow Me to clear every issue of your heart and create in you a clean heart. What it takes is a heart that is willing. For I am preparing you for My manifestations."

Pr Kenneth Kang
Just the other day, I heard these words from the Lord:
"Tell My people they are My workmanship! Tell My people I have a plan for them! Tell My people they have a part in me! Tell My people they are not a mistake, even if they think they are!"

Pr Sharon Kang
The Lord wants His people to know that He is intervening in the lives of many people in this changing of season. Many of you who have got stuck in your career, business and ministry will experience a change of direction. Do not worry! What seems to be bad now, He will turn it into something good. And He will do it without you lifting a finger. Only allow the Lord to be at the helm of your life to steer every situation. Seize this turning opportunity and flow with Him!

Spiritual Guidance (Roadmap) for the next 9 months (April 2015-December 2015)
Pr Sharon Kang
The Lord woke me up before dawn on the last Friday of March 2015. He showed me 7 things that He wants His people to know and conceive for the next 9 months of year 2015 (i.e. April 2015 – December 2015).

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