Message from Pastors

Pr Kenneth Kang
Having fleshly ambitions alone will not lead one to where God wants him/her to be. Many people in this world have high and lofty ambitions, but they ended up nowhere (except further heartbreaks and sorrows). On the contrary, David had learned to delight himself in the Lord and wait patiently on the Lord. And you know what? The Lord raised him up in ways unsurpassed by all the kings before or after him! Not even the jealous Saul or the ambitious Absalom could take away what the Lord had in store for him! Indeed, we have a lot to learn from David, a man after God's heart.

Keys to accessing the realm of the unlimited
Pr Kenneth Kang
"This is a time to expect a fresh outpouring from heaven and expect Me to do many new things in your life! I am setting many free from their old cycles and old boundaries. Be set free from the limitations in your mind, and be released into the realm of the unlimited! I will cause you to see what I want you to see! Receive the anointing to break through any 'glass ceiling' of yours!"

Count it all joy!
Pr Kenneth Kang
"Count it all joy when you fall into various trials. This is a time to receive My joy and remain in My joy. My grace is sufficient for you, and I will know how to reward you in due time, if you do not lose heart. I have not forgotten you, for I am the Lord who remembers. I am looking at your faithfulness and I am looking at your heart. A time of promotion is at hand for many of My people in these coming months!"

A time of pruning before you see good fruit
Pr Kenneth Kang
"I am the vine, and you are the branch. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit. As you connect with Me, like the branches to the vine, there will also come a time of pruning. But fear not the pruning, and despise not the pruning! For the pruning is not to harm you, but so that you will bear more fruit!"

Keys to your 'acceleration' in this new season
Pr Kenneth Kang
"As you connect with Me, there will be an acceleration in your life! You will see many things begin to speed up, especially in areas where you have been 'prisoners of hope'! This is a key time to seek Me afresh and anew for what is ahead!"

God hasn't given up on you!
Pr Kenneth Kang
"Tell My people I have not given up on them, even if they think they have failed Me or have made a bad mistake in life. Tell them to look to My mercy and tell them to receive My mercy! My mercy is greater than judgment."

Worship for your breakthrough
Pr Sharon Kang
To worship God is to fellowship with Him who is your closest confidant. As you worship and fellowship with God, He will tell you what He is doing in your life or in the world currently. He will also reveal to you things to come. You will always be ready for any issue that may come in the future. As a result, you will have breakthrough after breakthrough and prosper in everything you do.

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