Message from Pastors

5 keys to your protection from deception in this end-time
Pr Kenneth Kang
As I was seeking the Lord (as we cross over the half-way mark of this year 2015), I heard:
"My people shall not be deceived! This is a key time to watch and pray, to hear and see in the spirit!"

'Being confident of this very thing'
Pr Kenneth Kang
The other day, I heard and released these prophetic words to the congregation:
Receive the supply of My faith! Yes, even the faith to overcome all odds! Look not to the world and its troubles, but look to Me. In the midst of the storm and confusion, I will give you a lifeline, and I will sustain you. I will see to it that the good work I have begun in your life, I will also bring it to full completion.”

'Like the manna that came down from heaven'
Pr Kenneth Kang
On the first Sunday of this month, I released these prophetic words to the congregation:
"Many of you are going to make major or key decisions in business, career, ministry, or even in your life this month. Look to Me, and I will supply you, like the manna that came down from heaven. I will even supply you with the wisdom and discernment that you need."

A time to consecrate yourself for the new things ahead!
Pr Kenneth Kang
During a time of worship and prayer recently, I heard and released these words:
"Consecrate your walk with Me again. Train up your walk with Me again, like Enoch walked with Me. For this is the time I am preparing you for the many new things in the days ahead."

You can be so free from your past!
Pr Kenneth Kang
The devil will always want you to think that you are cursed, 'beyond help' and 'deserving of further punishment', and he will always make you think that you are still being punished and will never find a way out. But he's a liar, a deceiver!

The Lord who loves you will direct you
Pr Sharon Kang
The Lord wants His people to know that He is intervening in the lives of many people in this changing of season. Many of you who have got stuck in your career, business and ministry will experience a change of direction. Do not worry! What seems to be bad now, He will turn it into something good. And He will do it without you lifting a finger. Only allow the Lord to be at the helm of your life to steer every situation. Seize this turning opportunity and flow with Him!
Pr Sharon Kang
In an intimate and active partnership with God, many new things will be brought forth. There will never be a ‘dead-end road’ situation for you. You will experience new ways of thinking and doing things, new ventures, new places.

Spiritual Guidance (Roadmap) for the next 9 months (April 2015-December 2015)
Pr Sharon Kang
The Lord woke me up before dawn on the last Friday of March 2015. He showed me 7 things that He wants His people to know and conceive for the next 9 months of year 2015 (i.e. April 2015 – December 2015).

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