Message from Pastors

Watch Him supply for you this year!
Pr Kenneth Kang
The other day, in a time of prayer, the Lord spoke these words:
"Watch Me supply for you this year! Don't be afraid to receive My supply, and don't be shy to receive My supply!"

Receive the anointing to be rebuilt and renewed
Pr Kenneth Kang
If you have gone through a difficult time (even a crisis or tragedy) in the previous year, God wants you to know that His heart is very near you this year, and He is here to rebuild and renew you in any area that you may have suffered 'devastation'. 

Get ready for your double portion!
Pr Kenneth Kang
Keep following the God of YHWH no matter what this year, like Elisha following Elijah! This is the key for you in the year 2015. And if you do so, this shall be a year of ‘double portion’ and ‘double honor’ for you. Isaiah 61:7 says, 'Instead of your shame you shall have double honor (double portion), and instead of confusion they shall rejoice in their portion. Therefore in their land they shall possess double...'

Cast out fear to move forward
Pr Sharon Kang
Your understanding of the good thoughts of your Father God toward you, and His perfect love for you, will turn you into a ‘fearless’ person! You will fear neither man nor circumstances. You will always be ready to move forward into the breakthroughs and the new blessings God has for you!

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