Message from Pastors

"Be of good cheer"
Pr Kenneth Kang
I released these words to the congregation on Sunday:
"Be of good cheer, for in Me, you shall overcome. This is a time to rise above and not to succumb under."

The keys to your protection in this turbulent world
Pr Kenneth Kang
Where His presence is, there will also be His protection! And that's why it is so important to practice His presence, i.e. to know and be conscious that He is with you and for you. This is especially so for all of us who are living in these last days, and in this turbulent world.

Hope in God!
Pr Kenneth Kang
In spite of all the 'troubles' that we see, hear, or experience on earth at the moment, the truth remains that there is still every reason to hope. As God's people, may our hope (in Him) continue to remain strong and alive, no matter what.

Pr Kenneth Kang
These are the words I heard from the Lord during a time of prayer recently:
"Fear not! This is not a time to fear! If you allow fear to overwhelm you, you'll be incapacitated for what I am going to do this time and season!"

Pr Kenneth Kang
The other day, I heard these words from the Lord: 
"Align yourselves to Me, for I will make your crooked places straight. Do not allow the enemy to take root and have a foothold in your life. I will teach you how."

Spiritual Guidance (Roadmap) for the next 9 months (April 2015-December 2015)
Pr Sharon Kang
The Lord woke me up before dawn on the last Friday of March 2015. He showed me 7 things that He wants His people to know and conceive for the next 9 months of year 2015 (i.e. April 2015 – December 2015).

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